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Take the guesswork out of healthy living! When it comes to planning for good health, there is a lot of information out there. Discern fact from fiction when it comes to achieving a healthier you with HAUTEbyDaniCee. As a health and medical content writer with nearly ten years of experience in nutrition and fitness, I want to give you the facts to build your perfect healthy lifestyle plan.

Health & Wellness

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Health & Wellness Articles

The perfect formula for healthy living is not the same for everyone – it’s as unique as you are and all the plans you have for your life. To truly be successful, you must take the focus off the fad diets and cookie-cutter methods. It is important to approach the pillars of healthy living as a series of habits you choose that fit your individual needs. Check out this section for tips on stress management, better sleep, disease prevention, medical research updates and general fun facts for healthy living.

Nutrition & Diets

“Food can be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

– Ann Wigmore

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Nutrition & Diet Articles

Functional foods, how to choose the right nutritional supplements, fad diets that really work (and some that don’t), when to eat, what to eat and more – that’s what you will find here. Good nutrition is 80 percent of your success when it comes to living a long, healthy high quality life. Get the facts and find foods that suit your lifestyle, your health and your taste buds.

Fitness & Exercise

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Fitness & Exercise Articles

Does a morning workout burn more calories?
Is exercise harmful for bad joints?
Is it really a good idea to run barefoot?
Will music improve my workout performance?
Why is core strength important?

Daily physical activity is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy may play a significant role, but exercise definitely shares the spotlight. Get answers to these questions, plus helpful tips to easily improve your workouts, exercise ideas and the latest research on trends in fitness. Plus, snag the opportunity to participate in fitness challenges from K.I.C. Fitness in Alabama.

Beauty & Style

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Beauty & Style Articles

You are working hard for your health and with that comes the added benefit of looking, well, awesome! As a former make-up artist and full-time fashionista, I believe that even fitness fanatics desire a little style. This section is designed to help you find workout gear and beauty products that will enhance your healthy lifestyle and make sure you look fabulous while you work. It’s not all work and no play around here!


Haute Topics

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Health News Articles

Newsflash! When a story breaks that affects your health, you need to know what’s happening and how it might impact your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Get the scoop on topics trending in health and wellness with Haute Topics.


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Freelance Writing Services

Need an experienced writer? Dani Cee specializes in a wide range of topics, including health, nutrition, fitness, business and travel. Services include ghostwriting, copy writing, blogging and journalism.