Living the Preventive Health Lifestyle

This blog is dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong wellness.  I am literally obsessed with knowing anything and everything there is related to nutrition, fitness, beauty, style and a general sense of well-being.  I adore writing and sharing this knowledge with others – so here it is – your opportunity to learn from my obsession. I will share opinions and advice on research from the pages of renowned medical journals, discuss hot topics in the world of wellness, plus pass along any tips to guide you to a better sense of well-being. I like to call this relentless pursuit, “living the preventive health lifestyle.” I believe that if you live a life  contributing maximal effort toward preventing disease, you will find balance, health and happiness throughout your lifetime.

Feel free to weigh-in, contact me with questions or share this information with your friends – and thanks for reading!

Be. Learn. Live – healthier, happier.

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