Of Mice and Men: A Link to the Cure for Baldness

The holy grail of discoveries may have been uncovered – the cure for male pattern baldness. It has not become a product or service yet, but someone, in the very near future, stands to make quite a fortune thanks to the magic of science and medicine. Last week, Translational Medicine published a report that blocking the prostaglandin receptor present in the bald scalp will allow hair to grow once again. Research on mice and men has been successful, therefore scientists believe they will be able to develop a cream or other topical agent that will prevent the occurrence of baldness and perhaps refresh thinning hair.

This is good news, considering a new study published in the American Journal of Dermatology suggesting that male pattern baldness may be linked to an enlarged prostate gland, but early treatment of premature balding may be the preventive medicine must for these men.


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