Alicia Silverstone offers Son ‘Pre-Chewed’ Food

Establishing immunity in your newborn through breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your child. Alicia Silverstone has taken this concept to a whole other level by chewing food and feeding it, via mouth to mouth, to her 10-month old son, Bear Blu.

She shared this unusual mealtime regimen with fans and moms on her blog, and it has been received with mixed reviews by followers and experts.

Jennifer Landa, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD, told, “There are those who think that a mom chewing a baby’s food provides helpful enzymes from her mouth but it doesn’t seem like a hygienic practice. Various viruses and bacteria, but especially herpes virus, may be passed from mother to baby. These microbes present a challenge that the infant’s immune system may not be ready for. So the practice is questionable for safety, and then, there’s a certain ick factor here that needs to be considered.”

Undoubtedly, the “ick factor” will extend well beyond pre-chewed food. This type of behavior sets a confusing precedent that may be difficult to reverse as the child ages and emerges from the home. Silverstone said on her blog, “He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating.” In a public setting, Bear may believe that it is normal to engage in this type of eating behavior with more than just his mother, not to mention he is missing out learning to eat with a spoon.

A family therapist out of Dallas agrees, telling, “The bigger question is whether it is appropriate on a psychological level, for a toddler to be diving at their mom’s mouth for food.”

Other experts, those who dabble in naturopathic practices, did not feel Silverstone’s feeding regimen was unhealthy or taboo. And some of her fans shared the sentiment, commenting that it was “the cutest way of feeding your baby!”

This is definitely a topic for debate, but the benefits of this behavior are minimal, if any at all – Silverstone is taking feeding lessons from the birds rather than humanity.


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