Tips for a Taut Tummy

A few “tricks” of the trade for a sleek, sexy and svelte tummy.

  • Ditch the drive-thru. There are not many foods on the menu at any fast food restaurant that will fuel your efforts. (Including those salads, with fatty dressings and sugary dried fruits.) Avoid the temptation – don’t swing through the drive-thru.
  • Skip the sugar. Nothing clogs up your weight loss efforts like sugary sweets, but sugar comes in many forms.  Avoid hidden sources like cereal, yogurt and canned fruits.  Watch your intake of fruit.  Stick to berries and fruits with a pit to minimize your sugar intake from fruits.
  • Vibe with veggies. Kick cravings to the curb and satisfy hunger with non-starchy vegetables. Eat lots and eat a wide variety to stock up on major vitamins and minerals.  Munch on veggies between meals to keep your tummy full with healthy fiber (which keeps things moving through the GI tract – another slimming secret.)
  • No more missed meals. Less is truly not more. Starving yourself for hours or skipping meals (including breakfast!), causes your body to store fat, particularly in the abdomen. Eat moderate, balanced meals and small snacks throughout the day – just make sure your calorie intake is adequate – too much or too little can hinder results.
  • Strike a pose. Want to gain some serious traction? Perform isometric exercises like the plank and the boat pose – keeping muscles engaged and steady builds strength and toning faster than exercises in motion.

*Always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any new exercise routine.



  1. […] A solid core is built with balanced nutrition and a disciplined workout routine. Google “ab workouts” – there are millions of websites dedicated to help you discover something new to add to your routine. And don’t forget – the body responds to “surprises” – so keep things varied to maximize results. (Check out K.I.C. Fitness for videos on TRX and kettle bell training and discover new ways to work your body and include your core.) […]

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