Maximal Flavor per Calorie

Nothing derails your diet faster than the overwhelming desire to taste rich, decadent flavors. The trouble with most “diet” foods is they often lack the key ingredient for satisfaction – flavor.

Peter Kaminsky, food journalist and author of the new book, Culinary Intelligence: The Art of Eating Healthy (and Really Well), argues that you may be able to slim down, while simultaneously enjoying your favorite flavorful foods.

Kaminsky, having traveled the world indulging in culinary delights and describing every scrumptious bite in ink on a page, was diagnosed as obese and prediabetic. Kaminsky reacted, angered and disturbed by the news. He told the New York Times, “Telling a food writer that he’s got to stop eating stuff is like telling a piano player that he’s got to use 44 keys.”

That being said, Kaminsky developed a new strategy – one that allowed him to lose weight and continue tasting the satisfying foods he had always enjoyed. His philosophy is simple, yet his willpower must be enormous as Kaminsky recommends consuming rich-flavored meats and cheeses, like prosciutto and gruyere. He even includes homemade refried beans, stout beers and sweet potatoes on his menu. It seems that the trick is to be satisfied with extremely modest portions and cut out sugars. Kaminsky commented to the NY Times, “Fat is not the enemy. Sugar is the enemy.”

He embraces a concept he calls, F.P.C., or flavor per calorie. When cooking, you should choose foods that pack a lot of flavor in every bite and indulge in smaller portions. He says that this keeps satisfaction high and cravings at bay.

This may not be the diet for everyone – you must have plenty of willpower on reserve. It certainly is one that warrants a valiant attempt, however. Who doesn’t want more flavor in their life? If you do choose to as Kaminksy puts it, “walk through the valley of temptation,” don’t make or buy more than you should consume at one meal.


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