Who Eats What? An App Tracks Diets Around the World

I am looking forward to trying out this app. (By the way, it’s free!!!) This is a great way to hold yourself accountable – it is hard to lie when you are simply snapping a photograph. I will definitely be recording my experiences on the “Dani’s Journal” page found on the top menu.

Health & Family

There’s nothing like a food diary to keep you honest about what you eat. That’s the idea behind The Eatery, an iPhone app that asks you to snap a picture of your food, and provides you with a healthiness meter that rates not just your current meal, but your noshing habits over time.

The Eatery dubs itself “A Massive Health Experiment” and gives us an unprecedented window into what people like to eat, all over the world. Whether you’re a foodie in France or a pathological snacker in San Francisco, if you take a picture of your food, you’ve become part of the experiment.

With platefuls of data now collected, some global eating patterns are starting to emerge. Based on a review of five months worth of food images, San Franciscans, for example, eat 4.4 times more Brussels sprouts and 3.4 times more cashews than people in other cities…

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  1. […] Eatery.I talked about this app when it was covered by Time HealthLand. It really doesn’t do that much for your eating habits, but call me dorky, but when using this […]

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