Excuse Buster: My Joints Suffer when I Exercise

Obese, overweight or normal weight, you can no longer use joint pain or the potential for joint pain as an excuse to skip your workouts.

A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health reported that the risk of osteoarthritis did not increase in individuals who participated in physical activity, regardless of weight. The study followed 30,000 men and women, aged in their mid-forties, for eleven years with a variety of BMIs. Those who were regularly physically active had no greater incidence of joint pain or osteoarthritis than those who did not exercise. One control lacking in the study, however, was the type of exercise performed – high contact sports may contribute to a greater incidence of joint pain.

Nonetheless, no one is suggesting you have to be involved in high-contact sports to get fit. So, next time you use your bad knees or trick hip as an excuse to get out of exercise, think again and get moving – even if it is just a brisk walk or a bike ride with your kids – do it for your health.


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