Ode to the Olympians: Who are you rooting for?

When the summer Olympics makes its way around every four years, I feel an insatiable burst of inspiration. It is so motivating to learn about these top athletes – how hard they train, what they eat and get an insightful peek into their everyday lives. This year, I have picked a few favorites to follow.

Sanya Richards-Ross

She’s fast – really fast. Affectionately referred to on her blog as “SRR,” Sanya Richards-Ross is an inspiration to female athletes everywhere.  She holds more records than any other female athlete for running the 400 meter dash in under 50 seconds. SRR was named female athlete of the decade for 2000 to 2009 and despite a rare disease, she fights every day to win.

Her can-do attitude is incredible and so is her “fast & fashionable” mantra. She wears cool gear on the track, like sleek arm-warmers and bright Nikes and off the track, she has a dynamite selection of heels and dresses to show off. I am truly excited to see what SRR will do in London. Read more about Sanya Richards-Ross at SanyaRichardsRoss.com.

Ryan Lochte

Move over Michael Phelps – there’s a new swimmer in the water! Ryan Lochte says he is ready to win at this year’s Oylmpic games. If you haven’t seen coverage of Lochte, you are missing out. Not only is he a superior swimmer, but he’s cute, quirky and has a fun sense of style. He’s a different breed of athlete – he’s interesting. I’m rooting Lochte because he seems fun. He told Matt Lauer of the Today show, “I love clothes. I love designing clothes.” A quick camera scan of his closet reveals an extensive wardrobe – the mere size of which would make most women jealous.  He admitted that he spent most of his time between events at the Beijing McDonald’s, but this year he is ready to give it all he’s got. He changed how he trains and how he eats. So far, the new plan is working out well. Read more about Ryan Lochte at RyanLochte.com.


I haven’t had a chance to discover any favorites on the gymnastics team, but nonetheless, this is my favorite sport to watch. There was a time in my life that I loved gymnastics and I regret not sticking with it. So, I can’t get enough of watching these talented athletes spin, flip and tumble on bars, balance beams and across the mats to a gold medal.

Leave your comments – who are your Olympic favorites and why?


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