The Active Woman’s Make-up Must-Haves

The Best in Waterproof Make-up

When you spend your days sweating in front of large groups of people, you need some make-up that can withstand the buckets of sweat that accompany an hour of spinning or a boot camp in 100 degree  heat.  That’s why, I made it my mission to find make-up that is truly waterproof (call me high maintenance if you like, but my can’t-leave-the-house-without-it cosmetic is mascara. . . a lovely set of lashes can draw attention to the eyes and away from blotchy skin.)

Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara by Urban Decay ($20;

Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara by Urban Decay.  Withstand tears, splashing waves at the beach or a sweat-drenched run. No one will even know you are wearing mascara (except for that fact that your lashes look exquisite and luscious) because this sweat-proof, tear-proof, waterproof mascara won’t drip, flake or run – no matter what you do! Fair warning though, for all that staying power, Cannonball mascara does not remove easily. Use Sephora Collection Waterproof Make-up Remover ($9; to get this superstar mascara off with ease at the end of the day.

Sephora Collection Flashy Liner Waterproof. Eyeliner can make you look your absolute best or absolute worst. That’s because most eyeliners are picture perfect when applied, but if moisture finds your eyes – sweat, tears, watery eyes and even a quick swipe from your fingertips can cause smudges that ruin your intent. Avoid tired, raccoon eyes with the super-duper waterproof Flashy Liners from The Sephora Collection ($8; Choose from 10 colors that look radiant from the moment you swipe them on and all through a day at the office and into a night on the town. (And, at just $8 a liner – you can indulge in lots of colors to mix and match your look!)

Other Active Girl Essentials

Sugar SPF Lip Treatment ($24;

Sugar SPF Lip Treatment by Fresh. If you have never tried Fresh products you are missing out. Although a bit expensive – Fresh delivers quality with a clean signature scent in every product.  Fresh Sugar Lip treatment is quite literally the best a lip balm can be – offering moisture, color, protection and a satisfying taste and scent. Not to mention, long-lasting. Tinted lip balms often miss in many categories, but Fresh got this product all right. With a wide selection of colors, including clear, you can use this for all occasions to give your lips a kiss of moisture and color – dark, light or somewhere in between.

Box o’ Powder by  Benefit.  Benefit is a fun and fabulous cosmetic line with products that are a total standout.  Their Box o’ Powder line is a  practically collectible set – you will want every box.  The packaging is brilliant and the fabulous blush and brush inside are perfect for anyone’s cheeks. This summer, they have even paired each blush with a fitting lip gloss and I have no doubt that the duo is a match made in heaven. Try one or collect them all, you will never want another blush set – because no other line features such trendy products inside and out like Benefit.

Cheek Stain by Tarte ($30;

Cheek Stain by Tarte.  Powder blushes seem to disappear just moments after you swipe them on and it’s hopeless to try to keep up with that glow all day. Thanks to Cheek Stain by Tarte, you can stay a blushing beauty all day long – well, almost. This line of cheek stains maintains that must-have healthy glow for hours and even works to boost the color and adhesion power of your favorite powder blush. Choose from a selection of 8 shades (and keep your eye out for exclusive limited editions at each of the websites/retail outlets: SephoraUlta and that gives to achieve a  natural glow that complements your skin tone and then pair with your favorite powdered blushes for real staying power and a picture perfect glow all day, every day.

Bronzer by Tarte ($29;

Bronzer by Tarte.  Tarte offers a unique line of cosmetics – they don’t have everything, but that have prime basics that are essential to every woman’s make-up bag. And, the best thing, you don’t have to stress about deadly chemicals lurking in your Tarte cosmetics. Tarte cosmetics are manufactured without parabens, sulfates, phthalates and other toxins that can cause damage inside your body (I wish all cosmetic lines were this savvy.) That’s why the Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder Bronzers are my favorite. Offered in 2 shades, you can create depth or a bronzed-goddess glow. Tarte has recently developed this line to include a waterproof matte bronzer and an all-over body bronzer – I haven’t tried these two yet, but I’m sure they are equally fabulous!


Legal matters: Please note that I have purchased and used these products of my own free will and have not been compensated in any manner to endorse or discuss these products and retailers on


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