Corn is Not a Vegetable

The corn industry has worked tirelessly in an effort to defeat the rep it has earned over the past few years. From commercials encouraging “moderate” consumption of fruit juices and popsicles sweetened with high fructose corn syrup to its use as a “better” alternative fuel source, the corn industry sells a whole lot of a very bad thing.

Did you know that corn is not even a natural vegetable? Corn was domesticated and cultivated by humans more than 6000 years ago in central Mexico from a plant known as teosinte. Technically, corn was the first genetically-engineered food and continues to be re-engineered in ways you never thought possible – maintaining its status as a central source of controversy in the food industry.

With all the hype about eating clean, all-natural and organic, corn should not be such a strong industry. Read the infographic below, created by and see that the trouble with corn goes well beyond high fructose corn syrup (and it’s hiding in almost every processed thing you eat…)

Big Bad Corn


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