Running for Speed

Training for a race? How to add speed to your endurance training.

Train to run fasterTraining for speed is not as easy as it may seem. Running as fast as you can against the clock can cause you to over train, resulting in breaks in your training schedule due to injury or fatigue – these breaks can really set you back.

You want to train at 85 to 90 percent of your capacity. Strive to maintain a steady pace over the course of your training runs. Once you get a feel for the pace that is comfortable to you, push a little harder and maintain a faster pace. Continue to build on the speed of your consistent pace, but remember the keyword here is “consistent.” If you can’t hold that pace for the duration of the run – you’re not ready to go there.

Running coach, Jay Johnson, of says, “Strive for consistency in your training. If you can train day after day, week after week, month after month, with few interruptions—such as days off due to injury, illness or simple fatigue—then there is a very good chance that you’ll race well.”


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