Sitting is Deadly, Exercise is the Cure

I often get on a soap box about the perils of sitting for long hours.  Mainly, I fear for my life because now that I make my living at a 9 to 5 job as a writer, sitting consumes a large part of my day. I am in the process of compiling research to present to the president of our company ideas for converting to an ergonomic office setting with desks that accommodate both sitting and standing, as well as implementing wellness in the workplace strategies.

This is a very real problem and, if you are among the millions of Americans that sit day in and day out for work, commuting and flopping on the couch when you get home, you may want to read up. Your seemingly not-so-risky lifestyle could put you in an early grave.  Did you know that excessive siting (more than three hours per day) contributes to an increased risked of certain cancers, a risk as high as 37 percent, according the American Cancer Society and a 54 percent increased risk of dying of a heart attack, according to research published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

I’ll be publishing my “case study” as I prepare to make the pitch to the president of the company. In the meantime, check out this infographic from that delivers some more real stats about how sitting can kill you and offers some ideas to get you moving.



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