Hit a Plateau? Get More from Your Workouts

For the past three months you have given it a valiant effort – you eat right, you exercise and you have even made an extra effort to get more sleep each night. Here you are twelve weeks into your program 15 pounds down and 10 to go, but for the last two weeks the scale hasn’t budged and, in fact, a few mornings it even crept up a bit. You have heard the rumors and now, it is happening to you. You. Have. Hit. A. Plateau.

How do you bust through a plateau?

It’s tough to stay the course when you aren’t seeing results. But, the plateaus are a natural part of the weight loss cycle.  And, if you can push through (a plateau can last between three and six weeks) you can come out the other side successful. Many times a plateau is your body adjusting to all the changes, but if you still aren’t seeing results after six weeks, it might be all you.

You can get stuck in “plateau mode” if you don’t shake things up. The same ho-hum workout that bores you, but you do it “because you have to,” well, it is boring to your body too.  If you want to see results, you have to challenge your body. Push yourself to the limits and exceed beyond your expectations.

Try new things.

Trying something new doesn’t mean that you have to take up extreme sports, but it does mean you should jog every once in a while instead of just walking or roller blade or jump rope. Take your workouts to the next level. If you always run long distances, why not try speeding things up and go faster over less distance?  A lot of people get hung up on how long they work out. The person that sits on the recumbent bike for two hours is definitely not going to get as much out of their workout as the person who did speed drills for 30 minutes. It’s quality not quantity.

Studies show. . .

I know that at least four of my friends are laughing at the title of this section. (My job requires I spend a good deal of time perusing studies and writing about them, so I have a tendency to start sentences with, “studies show…” but hey, sometimes it makes the conversation interesting!) But, I digress.  Check out my posts over the next two weeks and learn 10 ways to put that spark back into your workouts (and some of them are scientifically proven…)


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