Build Strength with Less Weight

Afraid of bulking up? You don’t have to lift heavy weights and grunt with big boys to sculpt a lean, tone physique.

In April 2012, The Journal of Applied Physiology published a study that found using lighter weights to the point of fatigue builds as much strength as heavier weights for less reps.

light weight liftingGrab a set of weights that feels comfortable to you, meaning you can lift the weight and maintain good form. Lift the weight until your form is sacrificed with the effort. This usually happens within in 25 reps or so. If not, it is definitely too light. Repeat three times.

This is good news for travelers. Those resistance bands can do a lot for you, just make sure you are getting in plenty of reps.

Tip:  One way to know your form is falling, with arm exercises, is to watch your shoulders. If your shoulder drops to lift the weight, it is too heavy (if it is the first rep) or the muscle has fatigued.


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