Music Makes Motion

If ever there was a rationale for shopping online – this is it!

iTunes by BPM

Updating your playlist often with upbeat tunes pushes you to work harder during workouts, according to recent studies.

Songs with a BPM (beats per minute) of 125 to 140 have been proven to motivate subjects to work harder during a workout. If you are tone-deaf like me and couldn’t count a beat to save your life, you can check out, which gives you the BPM of songs that are available for purchase on iTunes.  They even recommend playlists, compiling songs in a range of BPMs.




  1. Music makes a HUGE difference! I teach Spinning, and I’m known around the gym for my taste in music (I post my playlist every Thursday evening after class) – I’ve actually had people tell me that’s the #1 reason they take my classes. Good music definitely keeps you going!

    1. So true! Spinning is on of my favorite classes – the music is the very essence of the class. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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