Better Results in Less Time

Interval training comes out on top time and time again as one of the most effective ways to not only improve your workout, but achieve better results.  Whether you are looking to run faster, lose weight or push yourself farther, interval training is the way to go. And, the best part, you can achieve more in less time.

“All you need is 15 minutes.”

interval training

A European study found that runners training for a 5K improved their time significantly and reduced the overall amount of time they spent training by working out in intervals.

Gunnar Peterson, a celebrity trainer in Beverly Hills, told In Style magazine that all you need is 15 minutes. He recommends running for 10 seconds at a high speed followed by 20 seconds at a moderate speed and then 30 seconds at a low speed. Repeat for five minutes and then rest for two minutes and start again.

Can you spare 15 minutes to run faster, feel better and achieve more from your workouts? I think so.


One comment

  1. Intervals are awesome. You really can get a good workout in a short amount of time – and get the calorie burning benefits for hours longer than you do with traditional steady state work.

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