One Shot Wonder

Boost your workout performance in one easy step.

caffeine and exercise

Add caffeine one hour before exercise.

A shot espresso not only improves energy levels, it can also increase performance and motivation.

A study compared the workouts of a group physically fit males – one group consumed caffeine before their workout, the other did not. The caffeinated group lifted more weight and reported a greater desire to workout again.

Note: Exercise caution when choosing caffeinated beverages. Several deaths have been linked to energy drink beverages. Coffee and caffeinated teas, like green tea, are safe, natural choices.



  1. NF Hannibal · · Reply

    Coffee is so good. I have recently added theanine to my coffee which takes away the shaky, tweaker-jitters caffeine always seems to give me. It’s a nice, calm, “smooth” sort of energy. Great post!

    1. Thanks! That’s interesting – I’ll have to try it sometime

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