Take Notes

It’s no secret that it’s effective, but it is among the hardest habits to stick with: tracking your workouts (and your food intake.)

Technology has made things a little easier, but let’s face it, taking the time to log your workouts and the food you put in your mouth is an arduous task. But, you might change your mind when you learn that it can make a big difference in your results.

Most people overestimate how hard and how often they workout and underestimate how much they are really eating.

Holding yourself accountable on paper or via an app or web log can really help you see your mistakes and change your habits. It can also help ensure you progress your workouts to the next level.

nike fuelband to track workoutsThe Nike+ Fuelband can take all the hassle out of tracking your workouts. For $149, you can get a bracelet that will monitor the intensity and duration of your activities and transform that information into a graphic readout on Nikeplus.com.  Learn more about Nike+ Fuelband at Nike.com.

Personal note: Before I pursued my career in nutrition and fitness, I struggled with weight management. It was at Jenny Craig that I learned the value of logging my food intake and, a few years later, I managed to melt pounds away by tracking my running with the Nike+ iPod program. Today, I still use these methods and, when I slack off, so do my results. Even in school, the number one “stick with it” tip for healthy living from all the experts, professors and textbooks was keeping a record.


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