Not Feeling So Sexy? Add Exercise!

If you having trouble staying motivated for your workouts, you may want to consider all the benefits of exercise – it’s not just about weight management and disease prevention. How about an improved sex drive? And, burning a few extra calories, while you are at it!

Yes, exercise improves your sex drive.

workout motivationEverybody knows the classic benefits of exercise: increased energy,stress reduction, weight loss/management and overall health. But, according to studies published The Journal of Sexual Medicine, exercise induces sexual arousal and improves body awareness. These factors are likely linked to impact on the brain and the release of hormones that will get you in the mood.

Beta-endorphins. Running and other cardio workouts increase your levels of beta-endorphins. As your heart begins to race and you experience that feeling of overwhelming freedom, you might also feel a burst of sexual desire.

Testosterone. Strength training raises levels of growth hormone, which also increases testosterone. Spikes in testosterone awaken arousal and fuel desire.

Adrenaline, dopamine and PEA. Try a new exercise and, consider including your partner. Exploring new things causes the release of adrenaline and stimulates neurotransmitters, dopamine and PEA (phenylethylamine.) This combination promotes bonding and arousal.

The positive contribution exercise has on the male and female sex drive can be an appealing motivator for the sedentary individual. The aesthetic gains may also contribute to improved self-esteem, which may develop into increased desire for sex.

Oh, and did I mention, a 30-minute sex session torches almost 100 calories?

Spending some quality time between the sheets can torch almost 100 calories in just 15 minutes – not including the foreplay. On average, a 150-lb person burns 72 calories from the moment the physical act of intercourse ensues until the grand finale.  Add 15 minutes of foreplay and you will zap another 25 calories.


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