For Women Only: Workout Bras that Really Work

Did you know that irreversible sagging of your breasts can occur without a supportive sports bra?

best sports brasFor women with large bust lines, neck and back issues can occur without proper support.

When your sweating through a tough workout, you don’t want to have to worry if “the girls” are getting the support they need to stay dry, pain-free and perky.Checkout the best sports bras, as recommended by the top-selling women’s fitness magazines, to protect your “ta-tas” as you run, jump, flip, glide, push, pull and pump iron to stay in tip-top shape.

Low to Medium Impact 

  • Isis Henna Sport Bra. Super-stretchy and lightweight in an array fab colors and a fun pattern. Best serves small-breasted women during activities like yoga and Pilates. Best suited for A-B cups. Visit
  • Moving Comfort Alexis Bra. Tired of the smashed, flat shapelessness of traditional sports bras? This bra gives a little a curve to “the girls” while you get your sweat on and includes light padding to avoid “high beams.” This will keep you supported throughout a medium impact workout. Best suited for A-B cups. Visit
  • Champion Double-Dry Seamless Cami Sports Bra. A sleek racer and a choice of vivid two-tone colors along with a moisture control band makes this bra just fabulous for a barre class and other low-impact activities. Best suited for A-C cups. Visit
  • Lucy Double Time Workout Bra. For your medium impact workouts try this sleek number, complete with modesty cups and moisture wicking power. Best suited for A-B cups. Visit
  • Saucony Motion Sensor Bra. Great coverage, criss-cross support and design in the back and built-in cups to keep you modest, plus a stain-resistant fabric. You will be well-supported for medium impact workouts. Best suited for B-C cups. Visit
  • CW-X Ventilator Support Bra. Mesh-vents to keep you cool and a special weave to keep everything in just the right place. This is the bra for medium-impact workouts. Best suited for B-C cups. Visit

Medium to High Impact

  • Lily of France in Action Sport Underwire Bra. This bra avoids unattractive “uni-boob” and offers a breathable fabric and hidden underwire. You can run, jump and keep up with the pack in this innovative sports bra. Best suited for A-B cups. Visit
  • CW-X VersatX Support. Everything is adjustable, so you call the shots with this super supportive sports bra for even the hardest, most high impact workouts. Best suited for B-D cups. Visit
  • Shock Absorber Support Level 3 Sports Bra. Protective layers and separate cups, plus fit and support for a wide-range of sizes. This bra was a top recommendation for high impact workouts. Best suited for B-D cups. Visit
  • Anita Molded Sports Bra. This bra is designed for  high impact workouts and delivers a shapely look in soft microfiber. Best suited for C-D cups. Visit
  • Shock Absorber B5044 Run bra.  This bra has it all for the seriously high impact moves of every woman. You can adjust the fit, stay dry with moisture-wicking fabric and stay comfortable with padded straps to protect those shoulders. Best suited for C-F cups. Visit
  • Bendon Sport Max Out Technical Support Bra. A fit to protect and support even the fullest bust line and a sweet satin fabric for a great look and feel during high impact workouts. Best suited for C-DD. Visit


  1. Thank you Dani, it is so hard to find a good supportive sports bra in the stores, online is a little easier but I have not seen it broke down like this so I can make an educated choice. This was a much needed issue that needed to be addressed!

    1. Thanks Petra! I am so glad you find it helpful!!! Thanks for commenting an following my blog! 🙂

  2. Dude here. I’m passing this on to the lovely lady in my life! Have a great weekend and please take care!

    1. Thanks for passing it on and stopping by my blog! You have a fantastic weekend as well!!!

  3. Thanks for the tips!
    It’s always so hard to find the perfect bra to work out in!

    1. Thanks – I am so glad you found them helpful! Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

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