Beauty Secrets of a Gym Rat

  • 530 am Spin Class
  • 830am At the Office
  • 12pm Lunch . . . or Strength Training?
  • 2pm Meeting with Investors

What’s a girl to do?

gym make-up

Work hard. Play hard. And always look fabulous – right!?!

It is impossibly exhausting, but that is the dream.

If you’re like most women, the lunchtime workout seems like a pipe dream. After all that time you spent on your hair and make-up this morning, is a midday workout really worth the hassle?

I work one full-time job and several part-time jobs, which makes fitting in workouts really tough. Especially when you’re trying to make up for all those hours clocked sitting in front of a computer. So, I had to figure out something. Thus, the lunch time “power hour” came to fruition. A 45-minute workout, followed by a fifteen-minute refresh before I am back at my desk for the rest of my workday.

Of course, this would not be possible without the right beauty products! (And, keep in mind, this is a repair after a strength training session, so the sweat factor is low.)

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