The 5,000 Crunch Challenge

Looking for new ways to stay motivated?

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Personal Training in Alabama

This up and coming fitness studio based in Alabama sponsors monthly challenges sure to motivate you, all in the spirit of competition. This month, the studio is featuring the 5,000 crunch challenge. Challengers complete as many crunches as they can in the month of November and track progress weekly on K.I.C.’s Facebook page.

You will be sporting a six-pack just in time for the holidays. Which, might be motivation enough to avoid the traditional holiday weight gain?

In September, K.I.C. sponsored the 10,000 push-up challenge, which proved to be most challenging for even the most avid fitness buffs.

Check out the K.I.C. Fitness website for local personal training services, fitness challenges and tips on staying healthy and well all year long!


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