Battle of the Holiday Bulge

The happy, happy holidays are upon us!

how not to gain weight on ThanksgivingAlthough that means lots of wonderful moments with friends and family, it also presents a very classic challenge:

The Battle of the Bulge

The truth is that most people only gain about five pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, but an extra five pounds can add up fast year after year. Follow these tips, starting with this Thursday’s feast and win the battle against holiday bulge.

  • Small plates. Studies show that you will consume less, when you don’t have so much space to fill on your plate. Skip the 13-inch dinner plates and go for a small 8-in size plate to reduce calorie intake.
  • Eat slowly. Take small bites, chew slowly and thoroughly and be mindful of how each bite tastes. Mindfulness can make a big difference in satisfaction, meaning you will eat less because you are getting the full sensation out of every bite.
  • Lots of water. It may be the holidays, but that doesn’t mean it should be a free for all of cocktails and soda. Drink lots of water before, during and after the meal. Water will help fill you up before the meal, aid digest and staying adequately hydrated curbs overeating.
  • Have a healthy breakfast. Just because people are known to eat 3,000 calories in one meal on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you have to be one of them. This phenomenon tends to happen because people skip breakfast and save their appetite for the main attraction – leading to serious huger pain and massive over consumption. Eat a well-rounded breakfast, including protein and fiber to improve satiety. A healthy breakfast reduces overeating throughout the day, lowers cravings for junk fatty foods and improves your mood by keeping blood sugar levels stable.
  • Exercise. It may be tempting to skip your workout in the morning or simply flop on the couch after eating, but a little extra movement can make a big difference. A 2010 study showed that when consuming fatty foods, an early morning workout can minimize the impact of non-so-good for you meals.  And, we all know that sitting in front to the TV is the worst thing you can do after a big meal. Go for a walk and keep those excess calories from sticking.

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