The Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox

I’m always up for a good detox – one that doesn’t involve at-home enemas and is completed in just a few days.

So, when my boss had me watch an episode of Dr. Oz to gain a better understanding of the format of the show for a media pitch, I was excited to see my suffering would not be in vain (I’m not a Dr. Oz fan) – the show was on detoxing!

I watched the entire show and downloaded the PDF with detox shake recipes and a grocery list. After work, I headed to the grocery store to buy some items I wasn’t all that sure I would enjoy drinking pulsed together in a blender. Nonetheless, I felt a detox was in order. It had been nine months since my last one – which worked, but left me hungry and tired – to be expected.

Unlike the detox I did last year, Dr. Oz’s detox required four shakes a day over a three-day span and a hot bath of lavender and Epsom salts at the end of each day. That doesn’t sound so bad.

Today was day one. Allow me to be brutally honest, I am seriously questioning day two.

detox diet shake

Would you drink this?

Hunger pains I can deal with. I wasn’t hungry.

Bad flavors are expected, after all it’s diet. It didn’t taste that bad.

But, when I feel physically nauseous, bloated and all that comes with that, well, it is hard to stay focused.

The morning shake was bland. I got halfway through it and was full.  Not bad I thought. Oh, but then my plans to workout were promptly stifled by the necessity to vomit, stomach discomforts and other foul temperaments of the GI tract.  As I said, I have done a detox before, a medical, doctor-supervised detox and it was nothing like this.

I waited out the “pain” and went to workout in the afternoon, before I had my lunchtime shake (a different shake, but I didn’t want to take any risks.)

I made it through my workout, but I was STARVING! So, I made shake number two.

Have you ever drank a salad?

I love salads. I could eat salad everyday. I love a more “dynamic” salad than most, but I am down with eating a compilation of raw vegetables. However, drinking a salad, well that really changes the flavor profile.

But, forget the flavor of fresh kale and pineapple – I choked it down like a real trooper. The trouble came an hour later when I felt nauseous, again, for three hours.

There is a shake number three. It’s not going to happen tonight.

The mere thought of choking down one more barely palatable, gut-wrenching veggie-fruit cocktail is enough to make me puke up all the other shakes.

I am supposed to have four shakes a day? Ick! I can barely keep down two.

Perhaps by some subconscious sense of self-loathing or, perhaps the fact that my boss told me her brother-in-law lost seven pounds at the completion of his three days, I might give the dinner shake  a try for breakfast and see if I can stomach one of the three again for lunch tomorrow, but that’s it – if it sucks too, I’m done. Well that, and the recipes make way more than is necessary for one person, so my freezer is lined with leftovers and I hate wasting food!

Who thought pureed fruit and veggies could be so disgusting?

So, my friends, I would love to hear your experiences with a detox. Or, maybe I am wrong about Dr. Oz’s three-day detox?  Drop me a line in the comments and let me know. I’ll keep you updated with what happens tomorrow!

Update: I tried the “dinner” shake for breakfast – you know the one on the show that they said was the best? Ugh! It was the worst of all three! And, of course, I felt the same discomforts with this shake as I did the previous two. Pure torture. I’ll stick with fresh whole, solid foods and my own personal breakfast smoothie from now on.



  1. I don’t like Dr Oz show either…. he comes up with a new gimmick for every show and makes it sound like the cure for all that ails you! Wonder if he is a real Dr or just a dude in scrubs! Every show leave me skeptic and a turned off… more weight loss gimmick that the world needs to hear! At the end it is about choices and making it work for you, I am still looking for the the right path, but by now I KNOW what to eat …… who doesn’t by now, come on realy, and no I will not sue Mcdonalds for my problem!

    1. Hi Petra,

      Thanks for your comment. Glad it is not just me that is not a fan of Dr. Oz! You make some really good points – we don’t need weight loss gimmicks, we just need to be conscious about what we put in our bodies.

  2. Renea Cribbs · · Reply

    I am still baffled by the need to detox! Our body makes waste products and we have a waste disposal system, God thinks of everything why do people want to usurp that plan! If your disposal system is clogged then you can take something a lot less painful than green yukky juice! Eat those foods alone without turning them to juice, I think those are on the good for you food list!

    Sorry, that is my rant!!

    Good honest article!!!


    1. Thanks for the comment! You make some good points too. I agree our bodies were designed to “detox” themselves, however there are many foods in our food supply that clog up this perfect system. I don’t think God intended for us to attempt to digest Cheetos, caffeinated Cracker Jacks, sugary sodas, nitrates in processed meats, frozen TV dinners, Starbucks’ mochas with whipped cream, bread with HFCS or McDonald’s, but at some point or another throughout the year we have those things – some, more than others. I do not think we need to go extremes and cleanse our systems with enemas or colonics, but taking a break with whole, natural foods (and NOT starving yourself) is not a bad idea. These shakes are loaded with all-natural fiber-rich foods that literally sweep your system – cleansing the body as designed. This detox is a regimented break that the average person can easily follow (Dr. Oz is notorious for making things overly simple – that’s why he has such a huge following.)

      You’re right I could probably fair just as well eating the whole foods, but I have a weakness for cheese and dressing, so my kale, celery and cucumber that I ground up in the blender would not have been such a “clean” meal and to be honest, I would have chosen some far more exciting veggies. (And by blending it all up, it was over with much faster….LOL!)

      I have to admit, I feel a bit “cleaner” today. I am not a pound lighter, but I think it was a much-needed break from all the festive foods of the holiday weekend. That is probably why I felt so icky – my Turkey Day was an all-day food fest!

      Truly, you are right, if we could give up those processed foods and over-eating, we wouldn’t need to detox, our systems would take care of everything as it should. Our bodies aren’t failing us, we are failing our bodies.

      Thanks for the great comment!

  3. […] Saturday, my post about my experience with Dr. Oz’s 3-day Detox, brought some thought-provoking […]

  4. From everything I’ve read so far since that show aired…most people are in the same boat, its hard enough to commit to a plan, and then doubly hard when the plan doesn’t make it easy to stick too. At least people are thinking about the food choices they are making, and that is sure to have an impact, incorporating more food than”un-food” into your diet is a great start.

    1. Hi Dr. Jimmy,

      Thanks for commenting! It is good to see that regardless of the efficacy of this plan, it is shifting the focus to healthy whole-food choices and using actual food rather than processed ingredients to achieve health.

  5. Lynn marie · · Reply

    I am midway through the 3 day detox. Feeling bla! So I thought I’d check the net to see what people were saying about it. The smoothies do not taste too bad, I could enjoy one with a meal. I am feeling really empty which I guess is normal.

    1. Hi Lynn Marie,

      Thanks for your input! I was wondering what others thought. Yeah, feeling “blah,” I would say is pretty standard for a detox, but I felt down right sick! So, you’re almost to the end? Be sure to comment again and let me know if you feel better and achieved any positive results when you complete the detox. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      ~Dani Cee

  6. I’m on a day 2. I feel sick to the stomach. I’m definitely not hungry, but I have the urge to eat! I guess it’s not a bad as I thought it would. i’m looking forward to completing day 2 though…I want real HEALTHY food at this point!

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for sharing! So, I guess feeling sick is just part of the deal? I am so glad to hear that the ultimate effect is a choice for healthier foods. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! Keep me posted on your results when you complete the detox.

      ~Dani Cee

  7. Lynn marie · · Reply

    At the end of day 1 I was feeling a little sick so I cheated and ate a little of the pineapple. I figured it was on the diet besides, I had to get rid of that sick feeling or I wouldn’t stay on the plan. It hit me again mid-morning today so i ate about a tablespoon of the almond butter. I guess I am cheating but in a good way. : )

  8. Hey Everyone!
    I’m actually halfway through my first day of the cleanse and I have to say it hasn’t been easy! The lunch drink in particular is very hard to stomach, mainly because it tastes like a celery smoothie. But I must say that I feel some effects that I’m curious about. Anyone experiencing an achiness, almost cold like symptoms? At first I thought perhpas I am just coming down with something but maybe it can be attributed to the cleanse? This is my first detox so I’m not sure what to expect.any feedback is appreciated!

    1. Hi Marie,

      Thanks for commenting! I agree that lunch smoothie was totally like drinking a bad salad. I didn’t feel cold, just very sick to my stomach and fatigued. In the past, I have done similar a similar detox, but I didn’t feel sick and tired until day two when my body was actually detoxing. With this one, I felt sick was within a few hours of the first shake – I think it had a lot to do with the horrid combination of foods, but that’s me. I hope it gets better for you or reaps some serious benefits!

      Thanks for your input and stopping by my blog!

      ~Dani Cee

    2. Lynn Marie · · Reply

      Yes, I ached yesterday, Day 1, but it is gone today. I’ve been staying close to home (bathroom) since I don’t know what to expect. Will it effect me “that way”?

      1. According to Dr. Oz, everything should flow a little more “healthfully” through you bowels. Which means, not too hard, not too soft, if you know what I mean. I did find that to be true on day one, lending to that “cleaned out” feeling.

  9. I’m halfway through the second day of the cleanse, and I really don’t think it’s that bad. I want to eat everything around, which is expected.

    The lunch drink is so yucky, but I keep powering through it because it’s only 3 days. Cleanses aren’t easy! They also aren’t delicious. I actually like the breakfast drink, and have been using as my snack too, and the dinner one wasn’t too bad, it is pretty spicy though, so if you’re sensitive to it, you may want to keep that in mind.

    I haven’t experienced any nausea, just some growly stomach. Yesterday I felt a bit fluish…kinda achy and greasy. I just figured my body was releasing toxins. I also had a bit of a headache, probably from caffeine withdrawals…I drink 5 or more cups of coffee on a regular day. All in all I think it’s a really good program and super easy to follow. I cut up all of the ingredients and put them in freezer bags ahead of time and that’s been saving me a lot of time in the mornings before work. I’m hoping for some good results!

    1. Hi Kelli,

      Great tips and feedback! Thanks so much for sharing. Way to power through – let me know how your results turn out!!!

      ~Dani Cee

      1. So, I DID IT! All three days, and I stuck to the plan exactly. I feel soo good today, and I lost 7.5 lbs, and two inches off my waist. It was totally worth it!! My skin even cleared up. Keep at it! You’ll love the results if you do.

        Here are some things I learned along the way:
        The morning you start, first thing (pre shower, post poop) weigh yourself and take your measurements and write them down so you can compare when you’re done. The morning after you finish do the same. I didn’t weigh or measure myself at all during the three days.

        I like the breakfast shake, so I used it as my snack shake too – it also has the lowest number of calories. The lunch shake was disgusting and I actually gagged while drinking it, until I followed the directions another person put up. Peel the cucumber (I had no idea the skin was so bitter), juice the lime – don’t use the whole thing. Cut everything up into small pieces, blend the ingredients separately and well, in this order: kale, celery, apple, pineapple, everything else – adding the almond milk as needed. If you need more liquid, just use some water. By the third day, after making it this way, I actually liked it. The dinner drink is quite spicy, but I liked it. Blend all of the drinks really well so they are smooth.

        I cut up all of the ingredients the day before I started the cleanse and put them in separate bags for each meal and day – this made it very easy to stick to the plan, because it was SO easy just to dump the bag in the blender. Both my bf and I did the detox, so we make 9 breakfast bags and 9 lunch bags and it took us less than an hour to prepare them all. Each morning, I made breakfast lunch and snack shakes for myself (it took about 10 minutes) and took them with me to work.

        Take the bath. It’s totally worth it.

        I hope you found this helpful – the detox sheet was a little vague and I was looking for guidance along the way.

        Happy Cleansing!

      2. Wow! That’s awesome Kelli! Thanks for sharing and the tips for making it more palatable. I may have to give it another try – those are great results. 🙂

  10. I am on Day 1 and must say I was not expecting the shakes to be this bad! The 2nd shake aka bad salad was poured down the drain and as much as I like blueberries this evening shake is too salty from the coconut water. Gotta say Dr Oz has lost my viewing I do believe. Think I will just go back to trying to eat better and put the blender up!

    1. I totally agree! Thanks for sharing Robin!!!

      1. Lynn Marie · ·

        Day 3- I’m finishing my lunch smoothie so only 1 more to go. YEA!!! I’m guessing my natural diet is helping me with taste, etc. I expected to be very hungry but instead I feel empty. When it gets to be too much, a little nausea, I’ve cheated with some fresh pineapple or a tablespoon of the almond butter. Both are on the list so I figured it wouldn’t hurt too much. I have yet to be “cleaned out” so I am still staying close to home. lol I do feel activity in my gut but that’s as bad as it is.

      2. You’re almost there! Let us know how you feel after it’s all done and as you transition back to solid foods.

      3. Lynn Marie · ·

        Will do Dani. I’m curios who held out for all three days? I wanted to mention, I did not do snack smoothies, all I could handle was 3 a day.

  11. I started the detox today. I actually like the taste of the smoothies but then again I have been drinking green smoothies for a while and have grown to love them. I also think that a good blender makes all the difference! I purchased a vitamix blender and there is no comparison. Just the texture makes a big difference. I do think the smoothies are a bit large. I also feel a little bloated…… To me, they just have way too many ingredients in them!!! Will let you know how it goes and if I can manage the three days

  12. I agree with Kelly a few comments above, she wrote everything the way I would have exactly. I finished yesterday. If you do the shakes the way she explained, they are all fine. I agree the breakfast one was the one I drank for snack as well. I actually loved the dinner one and the little warmth I got from the cayenne. Cayenne is supposed to speed up your metabolism, according to my in depth research online (ha). I may add it to all smoothies I make! I never felt hungry, or sick, and I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to lose as I’m on Weight Watchers and am close to my goal weight, and I was struggling to get there. So, I weighed myself this morning, and had lost 7 lbs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was completely shocked, considering I had gained 2 over the Thanksgiving weekend! And this is over 3 days with not huge significant bathroom episodes ( I don’t know how else to say I didn’t poop constantly). I would totally suggest this to anyone and will do it again at some point. I feel good this morning and really have no big urge to make coffee or eat a donut. In fact, I’m leery to go crazy, don’t want to screw up newly detoxed system! FOLLOW KELLY’s directions and you’ll be fine!

  13. I guess everyones experience is different. I finished the 3 day detox with no ill affects as far as flu-like symptoms or headaches. My only ill affect was that I despise celery & cucumber & the lunch drink made me gag the 1st day. I too peeled the cucumber the 2nd day & even cut back a little on the cucumber & celery to make it palatable for me. I had to do water chasers with each swig of the lunch and dinner drink but I got thru it. And boy am I glad I stuck it out. My results were that I lost 4 lbs (didn’t measure before day one so not sure of inches), I had more energy, no more feeling of bloat & I realized just how much inflammation I had. I have not had the healthiest diet & kinda fell off the wagon & got run over by it. But I saw a huge reduction in inflammation in my legs, ankles & feet. Shoes feel very roomy these days. One other thing I did notice was that my craving for Pibb Xtra was gone, my craving for sweets, gone. At this point, I’m fighting off bad eating habits not because I crave them but because it was just habit. The baths were great (a habit I will continue on occasion). I absolutely would recommend this based on my experience & I would do it again in the future.

  14. As I gag down the lunch drink on day one, I’m thankful for all of your comments. This is my first real cleanse so everyone’s level of detail is super helpful. Thank you all!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you found all this helpful. Good luck Amy – let us know how your results turn out! 🙂

  15. I did the detox and it was great for me! I feel i mustve not had alot of junk in system bciz alot of people who feel any side effects have more stuff going on in their bodies but i did great! Never hungry, no headaches, and no stomach problems. But i did start at 930 and i could only fit in 3 shakes. 4 was to much! :)))

    1. You guys dont like dr oz but hes not on tv to mention a wight loss diet for two hours. Theres only so much he can say so he fits in as much as possible for people to actually learn. Alot of his ” gimmiks” as u guys call them have worked for me. :))) but i guess to eAch ther own ! :))))

      1. Thank you for your comments Liz. Personally, I dislike Dr. Oz because he contradicts himself to fill a TV time slot day after day. He endorses a healthy lifestyle in one moment and pushes weight loss gimmicks in the next. I can see why he has mass appeal – his marketing team serves him well.

    2. Lynn Marie · · Reply

      Dani, I think the weight loss stories are for those people who won’t eat healthy. I couldn’t fit in 4 smoothies either Liz. The only way i could tell I was on the 3 day detox was it took about 3 weeks for my digestive system (being polite here) to return to normal.

  16. My husband and I are on Day 1. We are bad eaters and terrible with meal planning. We both got through the first drinks with no problem. We choked down part of the second. It took me about two hours to swallow even part of it. It just took me about 90 seconds to vomit it all right back out. So I googled dr. oz detox + vomit and landed here. At least I’m not alone. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments Jess! You made me laugh out loud for real!!! There has to be a better way to detox! My co-worker is experimenting with the elimination diet, I’ll give an update on her progress, but in 3 weeks, she has lost 4 pounds with a “cheat” day here and there. I just got the new cookbook from Kris Carr: Crazy, Sexy Kitchen to try detoxing my whole way of eating. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you again so much for stopping by and the laughs! 🙂

  17. Jessica Thompson · · Reply

    My first day on this thing… I am feeling horrible. It is good to see others stuck it out and felt great afterward! I normally do two workouts a day… I am hoping I can even make it through one tomorrow. I might skip Boot Camp on Thursday. I did it today and thought I was going to die or vomit or want to die from the stomach cramps I got…. I am still waiting to poop and hoping the bloating goes away. I am bloated worse today than I ever get just eating my normal, fairly healthy food. Oy vey… hoping I stick it out… I was hoping to lose some bloat quick before this ski trip this weekend, but the ‘after’ stories are kind of horrifying me! 🙂 Is it really that bad?

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for sharing. You seem to be experiencing symptoms similiar to mine. Personally, I do not believe it is worth it. It sounds like you have a pretty healthy lifestyle. If you are pursuing this for weight loss, I would suggest simply trying clean eating (no processed foods, sodas, sugar, etc.) and abstaining from alcohol. That happened to be my New Year’s Resolution and I lost 7 pounds in 5 days without starving myself or drinking disgusting shakes and my workouts didn’t suffer because I was starving and weak. For breakfast, I have the “shake” mentioned in this blog post: For lunch and dinner, I eat a salads with lemon juice and olive oil dressing. If I feel hungry, I snack on raw carrots, celery, cucumbers and tomatoes. I have maintained my weight loss. I haven’t any feedback from anyone if they have maintained their results following this detox, but I would be surprised, generally liquid diets cause the weight to come back after the individual resumes eating solid foods.

      I hope you feel better!

      ~Dani Cee

      1. I decided to do Dr. Oz is three day detox because my husband was out of town and I figured it would be a good time To worry about meals. I was basically healthy I have been walking over 2 miles a day for 7 months and I had about 5 pounds I wanted to lose. I have hyperthyroidism and it seemed no matter what I did I couldn’t lose those 5 pounds. So I did the detox to Recharge my metabolism. Day one and two were fine I didn’t like the second shake at all but I did manage to get through the days. Day three I felt physically ill and weak not like I was Hungry but more like I was sick and going to faint. Forced myself to complete the detox. It is now one week later and I have not rebounded. I contracted the flu three days later feeling like my immune system was weak. I still feel too nauseous and week to go on my walks. Feeling a little discouraged and trying to get back to my old routine. Oh I did lose those 5 pounds but really hadn’t expected to just wanted my body to get prepared to do so… a very hard way to lose 5 pounds that I would not recommend. The shakes are awful. That is why I checked the web see if anyone else got sick from this diet.

      2. Thanks for sharing Amy! Illness does seem to be a common factor for many trying this detox. I agree, not worth it! There are plenty of other healthy ways to lose weight.

  18. Feeling Regretful · · Reply

    So I heard about this detox from some friends and so I googled around and found the Dr. Oz site that explained the detox, I read the comments on the page and all seemed really positive (foolish me). Obviously they would all be positive if they are on his site. So being completely stupid I went out on a limb and bought all ingrediates and made every shake so I wouldn’t have to for each three days. All tasted actually pretty decent right away. But after I was all finished making each one, I tasted them again. I am not at all down playing that I think they all taste like vomit. Now that I have spent all this time and money I feel like I have to choke it down. Wishing I did way more research or not have done this at all. Hopefully I will get through it, feeling doubtful from these comments, glad I found this page though, maybe there will be a happy ending to this awful start of this “detox”. Wish me luck!

    1. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your experience with this detox. I invested a lot to make those shakes too and after the first day I was utterly sick and disgusted. Luckily, most of the ingredients are useful for other recipes. My husband likes the coconut oil in a breakfast smoothie that we both enjoy, instead of the banana: (

      If you are looking to detox, I recommend abstaining from alcohol, sugar and processed foods (if it comes in a box, bag or package – don’t eat it.) Eat only non-processed, whole foods, primarily vegetables and moderate fruit and lean, organic meats or plant proteins (nuts and legumes). I used Kris Carr’s cookbook to get me on track with “clean eating.” The flavors are great and the ingredients are all fresh…oh, and I am a terrible cook, so most things are pretty easy.

      You will find these fresh food cost a little more, but you will look and feel so much better. I lost ten pounds in a month (and kept it off) with this “detox” that has become a way of life. I still have a little fun on the weekends now that I am passed the detox stage (a nice meal and a glass of wine with dinner.)

      I hope you feel better and everything works out. Keep me posted! And, thanks for stopping by!

      ~Dani Cee

  19. I did the 3 day detox before my wedding last year . Although, i extended it to 3 weeks, modifying it in the final week to introduce protein that was absent in the preceding weeks. (I wouldn’t recommend extending this diet for more than 2 weeks, but it was an emergency)

    I wasn’t sick or tired and don’t recall suffering any of the side effects that people speak of. I lost 2kg (4.4pound) in the first week, not unimaginable when you cut your calories to 900-1200 a day, and enjoyed the smoothies.

    My husband went on the diet for 2 weeks also and has now sworn off the 5 coffees a day he used to have. He also stopped buying lunch at work and asks for the lunch smoothie instead. He said it gives him so much energy and helps to keep a clear head.

    We have agreed to do the detox a few days every month or two just because we felt it did our bodies some good (and we enjoy it) to have a break from the dairy, wheat, meat, ice-cream etc. It also makes you appreciate a nice steak (or any solid food really) even more, once the detox is finished

    on a side note – I think the side effects encountered for many, not all, would be more of a reflection of their current diet/lifestyle than of the detox itself. The only thing the diet is deficit in is carbohydrates and protein, which if you are only dieting/detoxing for three days shouldn’t be a big deal and shouldn’t make you unwell.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      As a nutritionist and general purveyor of a healthy lifestyle, I would never recommend that anyone consume a liquid diet for an extended period of time. Replacing a few meals a week with healthy shakes makes sense, but all liquid, all the time robs you of many nutrients. And, if you are consuming the same shakes all the time, you are limiting nutrient intake, as you mentioned, missing out on protein, which is essential for nutrients like vitamin K and heme iron – found primarily in animal products. Not to mention, other nutrients that come from eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.

      As for the side note, the eating habits of many of the commenters, prior to the detox, seems to vary. While individuals that consume a primarily processed-food diet may be more likely to purge a large number of toxins, I don’t think it is fair to suggest that everyone that felt ill led a toxic lifestyle.

      1. As noted in my first comment. I agree this specific diet is not suitable long term, but in my case (the strong desire to fit into the wedding dress I had outgrown) it was necessary. Supplemented with some protein i don’t see the harm in doing it for a couple of weeks though.

        I didn’t suggest that their diets/lifestyle were “toxic”. However, it isn’t unreasonable to suggest that the further you deviate from a whole foods diet and the more salt, sugar, trans fats, additives, preservatives, etc you have you in your diet the more likely you are to feel the effects of consuming what is essentially, (excluding the pro-biotics) a raw food vegan diet.

        Example 1- ten years ago I decided to do a detox (before I was aware of what a detox was). I cut out ice-cream (of which i consumed about 2L a week) cakes, chocolate and fried food ( I love these foods and will never give them up, I just had to reduce my consumption of them and look for or make healthy options eg. preservative, transfats, artificial flavouring & additive free). This was in addition to the 3/4 ‘healthy’ meals I was consuming, so the existing diet wasn’t deficit in any particular area, there was just a whole lot of food that isn’t very good for you that I was eating way too much of. The second day of this detox was horrible. I was almost as green as the smoothies people have been making. I had the shakes, nausea, headaches. People were asking me if i needed to lie down. However, by the end of the week all these symptoms had gone.

        Example 2 – Last year I was eating a preservative free diet. mostly vegetables & fruit, beans & lentils, some fish, maybe some bread or pasta about once or twice a week and the occasional piece of meat. no diet foods,no calorie counting, my transfats were limited to the occasional packet of potato chips and I only cooked with butter, grapeseed oil, olive oil. I go on the 3 detox diet and no side effects in the first week. Only in the second week do I experience some fatigue (due to lack of protein)which is to be expected, which I supplemented with some salmon & beans.

        I understand that this is one sample only, but is it so difficult to suggest that there is a correlation between your existing diet and the possible side effects you will feel from participating in a detox?

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