A Word About Detox and Obesity

On Saturday, my post about my experience with Dr. Oz’s 3-day Detox, brought some thought-provoking comments.

One reader discussed why she did not believe a detox was ever necessary and another agreed –  stating that it is about eating clean, not filling up on junk and then trying to remove it fervently from our system. I have to say, I agree.

We are all seemingly baffled by the obesity epidemic – how and why has this happened? It’s an issue of free-will.

junk food is poisonWe are all seemingly baffled by the obesity epidemic – how and why has this happened? The government scratches their heads. Begging for new legislation and ideas. What is the solution? 

First, it is not a problem for the government to solve. It is an issue of free-will. We shouldn’t need to detox, as the one reader commented, “our bodies are designed to detox themselves.”  The trouble is, we have allowed a lot of poison in our food supply. Foods that our bodies were never meant to digest (and no, I am not talking about gluten and dairy – those are real medical issues.) No, I am talking about the McDonald’s cheeseburgers, the Starbucks’ frappucinos, the processed lunch meats and ballpark hot dogs, the frozen pizzas and TV dinners, the energy drinks, the chips, the sodas, the margaritas and the high fructose corn syrup – all the fake junk food that has been created and society has latched onto – that our systems are not designed to digest.

This is why the world is overweight. The food supply is poison. And we allow it.

all-natural foodsHave you seen that commercial where the mom puts baked potatoes on the table with two whole sticks of butter sticking out and the setting is the 1950s? My grandmother once commented, “You laugh at that commercial, but that is what we did. We didn’t know any better.”  True, and the obesity rates weren’t high back then.

Today, a potato would not make the top of the list of healthy foods and a stick of butter certainly would not either; however obesity was not a significant issue in the 1950s because people primarily ate real, whole foods. They ate real eggs for breakfast, fresh vegetables and real meat for lunch and dinner and were busy living life the rest of the time, instead of vegged out in front of the TV, computer or video games snacking on junk foods. Fast food restaurants existed, but were few and far between and more likely a treat for a family night out rather than a daily or twice daily meal.

We are doing this to ourselves. For all that we know about health, we keep on doing it. We can’t blame the food industry or food manufacturers (sorry, but Bloomberg may have good intentions, but the soda ban is still an infringement on American rights.) The reason there is a McDonald’s and a Starbucks on every corner is the law of supply and demand – you asked for it, you got it.

If you want to see junk foods go away and get out of the food supply, STOP BUYING IT! It’s that simple. 

Twinkies aren’t just disappearing because of a workers’ strike – people aren’t buying them. If you want those nasty temptations that are making the world chronically ill and overweight to go away – stop buying it and tell everyone you know. That is the most powerful message you can offer for change.

Imagine if the food commerce was more like the 1950s today? Combine that with the healthy eating knowledge we currently have – many more would be  slimmer and healthier. Fresh, whole foods in the right portions.

eat locally grown foods

Click here to search for the farmers’ market nearest you.

Put your money toward locally grown and raised foods. Give your time to physical activity. Yeah, it’s hard, but when it becomes the norm, it will be easier. At one time, people had to seek out Starbucks and McDonald’s and now, sadly, it’s just too easy. I’ll admit, there isn’t always time for the local farmers’ market run, so at least just start with skipping the fast food restaurants and the junk foods at the grocery store.

It’s a choice. Make a statement. Take a stand. Reverse the trend…. well, at least that’s one idea.


One comment

  1. Renea Cribbs · · Reply

    AMEN! Very inspirational, I for one need to start today buy & eat fresh foods and exercise!!

    Thank you for confidence to get started!


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