Active Meditation

I wrote a few months ago about the reasons I go running. In short, in many instances, it is like meditation for me. A chance for me to be free from dealing with people, chores and thoughts of work – it is just about movement and me.

active meditationWhen I was poking around online yesterday, I found that there are other athletes and recreational exercisers that feel the same about their fitness pursuits – you don’t have to sit on a mat with your legs crossed in a quiet room to achieve a meditative state. When you feel that type of focus in your sport, it’s called active mediation. Gabrielle Reece, volleyball player extraordinaire, describes her moves on the beach volleyball court as “active  mediation” – a time when she is the most present during her workouts.

This got me thinking about motivation. If you are having a hard time feeling motivated to workout, and this time of year it gets really tough, try bringing a deeper meaning to what you are doing.

For example, I choose running routes that will allow me to focus on my thoughts and my run, not crossing streets, dodging traffic, strollers, dogs and the like. And, I certainly can’t find “nirvana” on a treadmill in a crowded gym with blaring TVs, grunting muscle heads and cellphone chatter coming from the recumbent bikers. That’s me – everyone is different, but if you aren’t finding a little unity with your workout something might need to change.

Challenge yourself to find the activity and the place that makes you want to workout. You may just find yourself looking forward to your workouts.


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