The Probability Your Diet Will Work

My husband picked up an interesting book at the library, Struck by Lightning – it talks all about probabilities. It was written by a math professor and discusses the ins and outs of all the odds of everything. I picked it up and randomly turned to a page, and as fate would have it, I landed on the page about dieting.

 The odds are pretty good your diet will help you lose weight, but there is one important component to ensuring success. . .

this diet tip will help me lose weight

. . .consistency.

Disappointed? I found it very interesting that this math professor took the time to discuss in very comprehensive terms that each type of diet: low-carb, high-fiber, high-fat and perfectly portioned, work, but you have to choose ONE and stick to it.

If you find yourself trying the low-carb diet one week, then the high-fiber diet the next week and then the low-fat diet the next, you will never achieve any results.  Jeffrey Rosenthal, author of the book,  made a very valid point as to why so many diets fail so many people. Most people create a bias in their “self study” – changing their diets by how they feel at any given moment. If you never commit to a plan, how can you measure success or failure? You can’t blame the diet until you have reached a clear, unbiased path yielding statistically significant evidence that the diet does not work. That requires time and consistency.

Pick a healthy diet, any healthy diet. Choose an extended period of time – at least 12 weeks – and don’t cheat, not once. You might be surprised by the odds of your success.



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