Which Supplements are Best for You?

Want to really know which supplements are worth your time and money?  

Check out this infographic compiling data from more than 1500 studies from PubMed and Cochrane.org. The info is updated regularly on the interactive version found on InformationisBeautiful.net. By clicking the “Show Me” tab to the right of the graphic on the interactive page, you can see which supplements are “worth it” for specific health conditions or the state of well-being you hope to maintain.

Below is the still version. Visit InformationisBeautiful.net for the interactive version:

best supplements for good health



  1. Renea Cribbs · · Reply

    Very Nice one of the best that I have seen!!!

    Renea Cribbs, RN, Center Director North Richland Hills Endoscopy Center STOP COLON CANCER 469-713-5052 phone 469-713-5054 fax renea.cribbs@dhat.com rcribbs@amsurg.com


  2. I use a good number of supplements — only two of which are below the “Worth It Line” (Q10 and Saw Palmetto). However, those two items really seem to work for me.

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