Weekend Damage Control: Meal Times

Manage Your Meal Times. . .

eating at intervalsIt’s easy to stay on a routine when you’re at work. You get up, eat breakfast, go to work, eat a snack at this time and lunch at that time – your day and your meals are virtually a force of habit, but on the weekends, eating every three to four hours can be difficult. You can plan to make a conscious effort, but if you can’t, you can’t. Be honest with yourself and then make a plan to overcome the obstacles of the weekend.

Pack on the go snacks, like nuts or an apple, in your car or purse. This way, when a long day of running errands or shopping keeps you from meals and snacks, you won’t be going hours without eating or gorging yourself at the drive through. If you have a day away that includes indulgent foods, make sure to make your indulgence worth it – a 300 calorie Starbucks now or a slice of rich cheesecake later? Skipping the morning mocha for the cheesecake with your friends at your favorite dessert spot keeps the day fun and manageable toward your goals.


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  1. So true! Weekends can be rough on he diet!

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