Weekend Damage Control: The Movies

Avoid the Movie Night Mishap. . .

healthy movie snacksA study conducted at the University of Illinois found that people will mindlessly consume food at the movies, whether they really like it or want it. When your mind is so focused on the big screen, you don’t think much about what’s going into your mouth or at exactly what point your stomach became full. If you simply can’t resist a snack at the movies, ask for the kiddie size popcorn and skip the extra butter (an extra 130 calories per small serving and 260 per large serving.) If you want something sweet Raisinets are your best choice – splitting a box with your date will keep the calorie count to 200 calories each (even better, skip the concession stand and pack your own healthy snack, like a 100 calorie snack pack of almonds, a cup of grapes or a sliced apple and a bottle of water.) And, I don’t think we need to discuss sodas, if you haven’t heard by now, diet or regular sodas are bad for your diet and your health.



  1. I read that sodas are bad for our teeth too.

    1. Very true – excess sugar is never a good idea for the teeth and brown colas can cause stains

      1. Many years back, I read a report about a guy who loves to play with brown colas in his mouth everytime he drinks it. Eventually his teeth were eroded by it. Scary!

      2. OMG! That is scary – a valuable lesson about how what we put in our bodies affects us. Thanks for sharing!

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