Improve Workout Performance in 1 Easy Step

Forget expensive supplements and crazy protein shakes.

You can improve your workouts with one simple habit: warming up.

Warm upResearchers in Australia uncovered evidence that a proper warm-up improves the speed of contraction inside your muscles, making them ready for action. The key, however, is to keep your warm-ups short and moderate. According to the study, athletes who completed two sets of dynamic stretching performed better than those who performed three sets.

A five to fifteen-minute warm-up is considered ideal, consisting of movements that mimic your upcoming workout.



  1. Good information. I’ll introduce it into my jujitsu class.

  2. I agree! I can notice a huge difference in the quality of my runs when I loosen up beforehand versus when I don’t.

    1. Me too and sometimes, I get sloppy and skip it. 😦 Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog!

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