Physical Fitness offers Stealth Protection against the Flu

flu remediesThe flu season got a head start this year. The CDC reports that this is the first time in nine years they have seen significant peaks of the virus this early in the season. The flu vaccine remains a central source of debate, as the most violent strain of the virus reaches epidemic proportions. Hospital workers are losing their jobs over vaccination policies and many employers are debating their sick day policies as the disease spirals out of control in more than 41 states.

Endless updates of the flu’s toll across the country have many seeking effective strategies for staying well. The flu vaccine has been shown in studies to block infection 50 to 70 percent of the time, leaving a large number of people susceptible despite this counter measure. Begging the question, what can you do to stop the flu before it starts?

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Stopping the flu before it starts



  1. Lots of sleep and water is my main protection…and Vitamin C 🙂

  2. regular exercise sure has effect on me. i have serious sinus problem in the past. after i start regular exercise, the attack is less frequent.

  3. Yes and enough sleep is important too.

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