Preparing for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2013 foodAs I prepare for a Super Bowl party with some of my dearest friends, this WSJ article was brought to my attention. For the friends I am sharing this Super Bowl Sunday with, I found these to be the funniest and/or appropriate:

1. A Super Bowl Party is just a bunch of smart-alecks making pithy wisecracks about a mass cultural event. It’s like Twitter, but with people.

7. A good Super Bowl prank is to show up with big bowl of kale salad and yell, ‘WHO’S READY FOR SOME KALE SALAAAADDD!!!” (How nerdy is this – I am actually bringing an arugula salad to the Super Bowl party….I am trying to eat clean people! But don’t worry, I’m bringing buffalo wings and dessert too….)

9. There will be someone at your Super Bowl party who doesn’t know the story of the Manti Te’o Hoax. This will take between two and seven hours to explain, and they will still be thoroughly confused.

13. A Super Bowl Party host is always super-proud of putting a TV in the bathroom. The host has three kids, all of them honor students, and is more proud of the TV in the bathroom. The host is on the cover of Time magazine. Still: more proud of the TV in the bathroom.

22.You’re going to find chicken wings in your couch cushions in August. Sorry.

Read the whole article on – it’s funny!:

22 More Rules of the Super Bowl Party



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