Fitness Faves at Fashion Week

It’s Fashion Week in NYC!

Activewear has gone designer. Thanks to labels like Lucy, Athleta, Lululemon and Hard Tail, you can rock great style while you sweat.

While the models strut down the tent-covered runways in spring attire, snow and icy winds sweep across in NYC.  You don’t have to brave the blistering cold to get the scoop on fitness apparel hitting the runways (although, I would, just to be able to attend.) Checkout what’s hot for the fitness fashionista in 2013:

Betsy Johnson

She debuted her line of active wear this year. While I don’t see any serious athletes adorning themselves in these over the top pieces, it is fun to see just how far designers can take a concept. (And, after working at a Miami Equinox, I know that luxury fitness fashion knows no bounds and someone, somewhere will rock it.)

Check out this season wild debut at Fashion Week 2013: Betsy Johnson Wild Workout Clothes

Luxury Fitness Fashion

Harper’s Bazaar covered luxury fitness apparel for the adventurous types. From scuba gear by Michael Kors to sexy tennis dresses by Stella McCartney, you will likely see these eight trends on the Virgin islands or the nearest country club. See all eight fitness fashions at

Practical, yet Stylish Fitness Fashion

If you are the more practical type that likes workout clothes that are functional for your sport and look fabulous too, you will be interested in these highlighted finds from Fashion Weeks past:

  • fashion sports braMICHI NY: You might consider this brand to border somewhere between fitness fashionable and over the top. And, in fact, these designs were shown at the 2012 Fashion Week, but in my search I came across these photos and had to share. A few of the pieces are a little over the top for a day at the track, but I love the edginess of the line. I totally loved the sports bra shown.
  • yoga cropsElectric Yoga: This line was also showcased at Fashion Week 2012, but it was too awesome (and practical) not to share. Check out the bright colors and fab styles for yoga and running – all made in the U.S.A.!
  • HardTail: HardTail did not find its roots in fitness apparel, but has become well-known for fitness style. Comfortable cotton pants and tanks make this line essential for urban fitness fashion.
  • Lululemon: If you avidly follow my blog, you know that my heart (and a good portion of my paycheck) goes to Lulu. This line has truly tapped into a niche unlike any other fitness apparel line. Walk into a store and you will become addicted – just ask my friends who went shopping with me.
  • Gap fitness apparelGapFit: I have never been a Gap girl, but walking past the windows at GapFit lately, this line deserves a mention. True to this season’s style manifesto, Gap has launched a line of brightly colored fitness apparel with strong lines and sweat-wicking fabrics.

One comment

  1. I would like someone to come out with a line for the person TRYING to get fit….. I am talking about a plus size, that maybe has some color blocking and the more “relaxed” fit! No stripes please( they always go the wrong way ) or Disney characters ! Cute workout clothes help lift the spirits, at least when you don’t look the the girl in the teeny tiny shorts wearing a size -1 , I can feel good that I am not looking like a goodyear blimp ( even tho it will feel like that) ……. because one day I may be a size 8

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