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Fitness Faves at Fashion Week

It’s Fashion Week in NYC! Activewear has gone designer. Thanks to labels like Lucy, Athleta, Lululemon and Hard Tail, you can rock great style while you sweat. While the models strut down the tent-covered runways in spring attire, snow and icy winds sweep across in NYC.  You don’t have to brave the blistering cold to […]

Saving Shape

You work very hard to stay in shape. You are out there day in and day out busting it to look and feel your very best. So, when you invest in slim, well-fitted workout gear, you want it to compliment the shape you have worked so hard to achieve.  Have you found that despite a […]

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Clarisonic: The secret to radiant skin from head to toe

For years, I have suffered with breakouts, blackheads, scarring and, most recently, fine lines, sun spots and flaky skin. That is, until now. Finally, I have discovered my much-anticipated answer to clearer, younger looking skin. No gimmicks. No payments. No PR tricks. I bought this product with my own money, I love it and now, […]

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The Best Christmas Gifts for the Fashion Forward

‘Tis the season to be shopping…. For all my fellow Fashionistas out there, I have to tell you that about a launch that is incredibly exciting: Target is teaming up with Neiman Marcus to deliver fabulous designer Christmas gifts for less. The collection launches December 1, 2012. Here are the favorites that are sure to […]

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Beauty Secrets of a Gym Rat

530 am Spin Class 830am At the Office 12pm Lunch . . . or Strength Training? 2pm Meeting with Investors What’s a girl to do? Work hard. Play hard. And always look fabulous – right!?! It is impossibly exhausting, but that is the dream. If you’re like most women, the lunchtime workout seems like a pipe dream. After all that […]

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For Women Only: Workout Bras that Really Work

Did you know that irreversible sagging of your breasts can occur without a supportive sports bra? For women with large bust lines, neck and back issues can occur without proper support. When your sweating through a tough workout, you don’t want to have to worry if “the girls” are getting the support they need to stay […]

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Beauty Myths Debunked

In this month’s issue, In Style magazine debunked top beauty myths. Check out these favorites: SPF 60 is twice as effective as SPF 30. Not quite. You only get about 2 percent more protection from the sun when you switch from 30 to 60 and research shows people who slather on a higher SPF, often believe […]

Slim Down & Doll-Up Over-Sized T-Shirts

Tired of getting free t-shirts that aren’t worth wearing because they are big and bulky?  Check out this step-by-step guide to making your over-sized free tees into a fabulous, custom-fit t-shirt.  This design is great for workouts or everyday wear! Please note, this will reduce the overall size and fit of the shirt. You will […]

There’s an App for That!?!

There are more than 17,632 apps available from Apple’s iTunes store that can motivate, inspire or track your health and fitness goals. Whether you are a fitness pro or looking to run your first 5k, your phone can offer you accountability, fitness programs, nutrition advice and stats on all that you do, for five dollars […]

Virtual Models – Friend or Foe to Female Pressures?

It’s official –  supermodels may comprise the next wave of people standing in the unemployment line. H&M, the mega retailer, which was once exclusive to the northeast and has recently climbed across the map, uses virtual models to showcase their clothing to the masses. The move is stirring up a bit of controversy – not […]