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Get Free Stuff for Burning Calories

Have you lost your motivation? Even your hip new playlist can’t seem to pull you out of bed for a workout. Those cute new Lululemon running crops have only seen casual runs to the grocery store. The sparkle of New Year’s resolutions has worn off. It’s too cold to hit the gym. Just in time […]

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Torch 13 Calories per Minute

At the last gym I worked at, we had a member who came in six days a week and steadily jumped rope for an hour and a half. He was in incredible shape. In addition to strength training, he would just stand in some free space among the cardio equipment in front of the TVs […]

Puma BioWeb Elite Cross Trainers

Discover Puma’s new collection of sneakers certain to take cross-training to new heights. Introducing, the Puma BioWeb Elite: Superhero style. Mask not required. These cross trainers live up to the traditions expected from athletic performance gear, easily taking you from aerobics training to weight training and out onto the open road. Read more on  […]

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Physical Fitness offers Stealth Protection against the Flu

The flu season got a head start this year. The CDC reports that this is the first time in nine years they have seen significant peaks of the virus this early in the season. The flu vaccine remains a central source of debate, as the most violent strain of the virus reaches epidemic proportions. Hospital workers are […]

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Cardio before Weights?

Should you do cardiovascular exercise before weights or is it the other way around? Since I was a junior in college, I heard this question uttered in casual conversation among friends, professors and athletes alike.  Back then, few people could agree which order delivered better results. Today, technology and research have finally given way to […]

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The Treadmill vs. The Great Outdoors

Personally, I hate running on a treadmill. And I know, there are plenty of reasons to run on the treadmill: bad weather, dark nights, dark mornings, reduced risk of injury, simulated hills, digital progress mapping – but the treadmill doesn’t deliver the same workout as the great outdoors. Going from the safe, cozy room with […]

Healthy Habits for the New Year

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2013? If you are among the 45 percent of Americans that set New Year’s resolutions, you may be happy to learn that 49 percent of people achieve their resolutions – at some point in their lives. Only eight percent of Americans, who set resolutions each year achieve them within […]

Top Fitness Myths Busted debunks common fitness myths. Click the infographic to enlarge:

Improve Workout Performance in 1 Easy Step

Forget expensive supplements and crazy protein shakes. You can improve your workouts with one simple habit: warming up. Researchers in Australia uncovered evidence that a proper warm-up improves the speed of contraction inside your muscles, making them ready for action. The key, however, is to keep your warm-ups short and moderate. According to the study, athletes who […]

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Music Makes the Workout Go 'Round

My husband used to make fun of me because I would go into a bit of a panic if I did not have my music. And, I have to be honest, without my music I lack the desire to workout. The beats are what fuel me to run faster, push further and keep on going […]