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Do you know all the risks of obesity?

In a recent poll conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, most Americans fail to recognize that the risks of obesity go beyond heart disease and diabetes. According to the poll, only 7 percent of the people surveyed knew that there was a link between obesity and certain forms of cancer, such […]

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The Cure for the New Year Hangover

Before you dutifully begin your New Year’s resolutions, a little mayhem is always in order. And after the mayhem, as tradition would have it, a hangover often ensues. But you don’t have to let a hangover ruin your first day of the New Year – try this all-natural hangover cure – and start 2013 feeling […]

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A Word About Detox and Obesity

On Saturday, my post about my experience with Dr. Oz’s 3-day Detox, brought some thought-provoking comments. One reader discussed why she did not believe a detox was ever necessary and another agreed –  stating that it is about eating clean, not filling up on junk and then trying to remove it fervently from our system. I […]

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Overturning the Diabetes Crisis

Diabetes is affecting the worldwide population at record levels. More than 371 million people are living with the disease and at least 50 percent of those afflicted are not even aware they have it. Diabetes is classically viewed as a problem exclusive to western cultures, notorious for a lifestyle of sloth and gluttony, but the […]

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A Deadly Boost of Energy

Monster Energy Drinks blamed for 5 deaths in the last 3 years. FDA struggles to find link. In a society where sleep is rarely top priority and daily stressors steal your last fleeting ounce of energy, it is no wonder so many people are eager to swallow energy in a can. Yet, the top consumers […]

Sitting is Deadly, Exercise is the Cure

I often get on a soap box about the perils of sitting for long hours.  Mainly, I fear for my life because now that I make my living at a 9 to 5 job as a writer, sitting consumes a large part of my day. I am in the process of compiling research to present […]

popcorn lung

And you thought Popcorn was a Healthy Snack…

In more ridiculous lawsuit news, a man in Colorado sues and wins $7 million over a rare condition he calls “popcorn lung.” Fifty-nine year old Wayne Watson claims he developed serious respiratory disorders due to the inhalation of the diacetyl, the chemical that gives microwave popcorn its buttery flavor and aroma. Watson says he suffered […]


Get a Little, Give a Little

Since joining the millions of voices on Twitter, I have connected with some very interesting people. Yesterday, however, I was inspired by one man’s website, actually, his cause. So, inspired in fact, not only did I immediately research and participate in the program, I am writing this blog to encourage you to do the same. […]

Virtual Models – Friend or Foe to Female Pressures?

It’s official –  supermodels may comprise the next wave of people standing in the unemployment line. H&M, the mega retailer, which was once exclusive to the northeast and has recently climbed across the map, uses virtual models to showcase their clothing to the masses. The move is stirring up a bit of controversy – not […]

Ode to the Olympians: Who are you rooting for?

When the summer Olympics makes its way around every four years, I feel an insatiable burst of inspiration. It is so motivating to learn about these top athletes – how hard they train, what they eat and get an insightful peek into their everyday lives. This year, I have picked a few favorites to follow. […]