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5 Tips to Stay Hydrated for a Run

In the heat of the summer, long runs can be brutal – especially in states where temperatures reach triple digits shortly after the sun peeks over the horizon. Hydration is vital to the performance and health of any athlete – regardless of fitness or pace – you can’t give it your all when you are […]

Shoes or not to Shoes… that is the Question

While it is unlikely that Shakespeare was ever concerned about the most effective footwear for running, modern man wants to know: what’s better – running with a classic pair of soles or going au naturel, pounding the pavement with bare feet? The trend in minimalist footwear – lightweight “gloves” for the feet with no arch […]

Choosing A Marathon Recovery Plan

Tis the season for strapping on your sneakers and heading into the great outdoors for a boost of endorphins and valiant hope that this will not only become a hobby, but yield a slimmer waistline as well. 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon – everyone starts somewhere, often making their ultimate goal to compete in one […]