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Run for Your Lives

In honor of Halloween and, well, in honor of the public’s recent obsession with zombies, I feel inclined to share with you a very unique 5K that will undoubtedly force you to push yourself to the limit.  The race is called “Run for Your Lives” and it is making its way across the United States […]

5 Tips to Stay Hydrated for a Run

In the heat of the summer, long runs can be brutal – especially in states where temperatures reach triple digits shortly after the sun peeks over the horizon. Hydration is vital to the performance and health of any athlete – regardless of fitness or pace – you can’t give it your all when you are […]

Shoes or not to Shoes… that is the Question

While it is unlikely that Shakespeare was ever concerned about the most effective footwear for running, modern man wants to know: what’s better – running with a classic pair of soles or going au naturel, pounding the pavement with bare feet? The trend in minimalist footwear – lightweight “gloves” for the feet with no arch […]

Choosing A Marathon Recovery Plan

Tis the season for strapping on your sneakers and heading into the great outdoors for a boost of endorphins and valiant hope that this will not only become a hobby, but yield a slimmer waistline as well. 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon – everyone starts somewhere, often making their ultimate goal to compete in one […]