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Giving up the Booze

The real reason alcohol derails your “perfect” body goals? (P.S. It’s not just about the liquid calories.) About mid-December, I wrote down my New Year’s resolutions (something I rarely do because I believe in making change for the sake of really changing, not waiting for a certain date, but nonetheless, I felt compelled.) My 2013 […]

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Effects of Alcohol Include Weight Gain

Alcoholic Beverages Equal Soda as Contributor to Obesity You may not drink much soda, but when you stare at the red number glaring up at you from the silver scale in your bathroom, you know something is causing those excess pounds to hang around. While it is the season to drink and be merry, you […]

What’s keeping you from a Sexy Six Pack?

In an online poll of women, 62 percent said they were most self-conscious about their tummies. It’s not a wonder since your body has advanced mechanisms designed to store fat in the abdomen every time things go awry. Here are 4 reasons you’re not reaching that sexy six-pack: 1. When you booze, you lose. Well, […]

Healthy Tips for a Happy 4th of July

The Fourth of July is a holiday when friends and family gather to celebrate the independence of this great nation and indulge in sunshine, savory eats, refreshing cocktails, Cool-Whip topped desserts and, of course, a finale of fireworks. Such a combination of fun should come with a few rules to live by.  Consider these tips […]

The Red Wine Headache

This isn’t about the wretched headache that you wake up with the morning following a wine tasting turned festival or too many bottles of red after a wine and cheese party. No, this piece is dedicated to those individuals, who, inexplicably get headaches from red wine shortly after the first few sips or the initial […]