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Strength Training Key to Preventing Cognitive Decline

Pumping iron isn’t just about sculpting a beautiful, lean physique anymore. Several small studies completed this year and presented at the 2012 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference found that resistance training offers significant benefits linked to the prevention of cognitive decline. The studies were comprised of 150 individuals or less, but each unveiled strong evidence that […]

Genetic Mapping – Coming soon to a Doctor’s Office near You

Genes are the roadmap to the past, present and future. As scientists slowly unravel the genetic code and discover ways to make it less complex and more accessible to medical care, you can look forward to knowing more about the state of your future health in the present. Currently, a complete genetic map will cost […]

…. And the Bad Fat

Last week, I covered a story on the good fats in your, diet meanwhile the Annals of Neurology published a study that determined indulgence in “bad” or saturated fats is not-so-good for your cognitive development. In the past, fat in general was blamed for heart disease and the development of conditions of cognitive decline, such […]