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Foods to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation inside the body is the root of many deadly chronic diseases. You have the power to fight inflammation and reduce the risk of disease. Several factors can contribute to internal inflammation, including and especially excess pounds. Make plans to maintain a healthy weight and eat a diet that keeps inflammation down. Check out these […]

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Which Supplements are Best for You?

Want to really know which supplements are worth your time and money?   Check out this infographic compiling data from more than 1500 studies from PubMed and Cochrane.org. The info is updated regularly on the interactive version found on InformationisBeautiful.net. By clicking the “Show Me” tab to the right of the graphic on the interactive […]

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Overturning the Diabetes Crisis

Diabetes is affecting the worldwide population at record levels. More than 371 million people are living with the disease and at least 50 percent of those afflicted are not even aware they have it. Diabetes is classically viewed as a problem exclusive to western cultures, notorious for a lifestyle of sloth and gluttony, but the […]

Fight Like a Girl: Preventing Breast Cancer in your 30s

My new favorite of all the cancer awareness campaigns is the Fight Like a Girl Club. This is an organization that brings awareness to various diseases and how they affect women and their families. Although breast cancer is a dominating focus of their campaigns, you can find touching stories of women, who have battled ovarian […]

Sitting is Deadly, Exercise is the Cure

I often get on a soap box about the perils of sitting for long hours.  Mainly, I fear for my life because now that I make my living at a 9 to 5 job as a writer, sitting consumes a large part of my day. I am in the process of compiling research to present […]

Jogging Increases Lifespan

If you follow the work of NY Times Science writer, Gina Kolata, you may be familiar with her book, Ultimate Fitness: The Quest for Truth about Health and Exercise. In this book, she describes the evolution of exercise and the beginning of the most popular cardiovascular workout on the planet – running. In the early […]

Fitness: Real Results in Less Time

If there is one thing that most Americans have in common, it is a lack of time. Commuting, working, kids, chores, homework, cooking, sleeping – it is amazing what you are able to squeeze into a 24-hour period. But when time is at a premium, the first thing trimmed from your schedule is, all too […]

More Reasons to Get Moving: Studies Reveal Sitting is Deadly

Most Americans don’t get enough physical activity, even though they are well aware that it is “good for their health.”  A new study, however, reveals that even those individuals who do spend a grueling 30 to 60 minutes in the gym for 5 or more days per week, may not be getting enough activity to […]