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Smaller Food Pieces Equal a Smaller Waistline

A new study, announced yesterday at the meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior in Zurich, Switzerland, has uncovered findings that cutting your food into tiny pieces will improve satiety and reduce overall consumption in subsequent meals. Although this seems like a new concept, scientists have long-known that fooling the eye can […]

Reduce Sugar Intake in Your Diet: 10 Foods to Eliminate

Remember all the hype about sugar being toxic? Well, if that left you in fervor of what to do about your diet, you are not alone. Below are 10 foods to watch out for – they have hidden sources of sugar. You may be surprised by what you find on the list, most are commonly […]

Metrics and Obesity: Potential for Change

Over the weekend, The Wall Street Journal made an interesting insight that alludes to an intriguing realization – the obesity epidemic may be linked to more than a surplus of fast food restaurants and a sedentary lifestyle. In all the years that I have spent teaching people to read food labels and monitor their intake, […]