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Do You Suffer from Social Jet Lag?

During a great night out with friends, there always comes a time when someone looks at their watch as says, “It’s getting late. This is fun, but I have to go.” And, there is always one friend who responds, “Sleep when you’re dead! Come on…Stay… We’re having so much fun!” Denying your circadian rhythm just […]

Do you know all the risks of obesity?

In a recent poll conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, most Americans fail to recognize that the risks of obesity go beyond heart disease and diabetes. According to the poll, only 7 percent of the people surveyed knew that there was a link between obesity and certain forms of cancer, such […]

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Which Supplements are Best for You?

Want to really know which supplements are worth your time and money?   Check out this infographic compiling data from more than 1500 studies from PubMed and Cochrane.org. The info is updated regularly on the interactive version found on InformationisBeautiful.net. By clicking the “Show Me” tab to the right of the graphic on the interactive […]

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Lame Excuses for Taking a Sick Day

Last Thursday, Forbes published and discussed the most outrageous excuses given for calling in sick to work from CareerBuilder’s annual survey, which seeks information on sick days and absenteeism in the workplace.  The excuses given by employees are quite entertaining and has led the survey to make headlines year after year. Despite the fact than many employees […]

Lack of Physical Activity Determined Deadly

A series of reports published in the journal, The Lancet, revealed that globally, lack of exercise is responsible for 1 in 10 premature deaths – a number very close to the number one cause of premature death – smoking. In recent months, obesity has surpassed smoking as the number one healthcare cost in the nation, […]

Strength Training Key to Preventing Cognitive Decline

Pumping iron isn’t just about sculpting a beautiful, lean physique anymore. Several small studies completed this year and presented at the 2012 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference found that resistance training offers significant benefits linked to the prevention of cognitive decline. The studies were comprised of 150 individuals or less, but each unveiled strong evidence that […]

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Healthy Habits

A new study out of Canada has revealed groundbreaking results: more time in front of the TV is linked to larger waists and weaker legs in young children. Although previous studies have made the correlation among TV time, obesity and other adverse health effects, no study has made the connection between specific aspects of physical […]

Is Limu for You?

A question was posed to me earlier this week: what exactly is limu and how can it benefit my health and/or weight loss goals? Limu is a form of brown algae indigenous to the South Pacific. In Hawaii, it has been commonly used to perk up the flavor of otherwise bland dishes or enhance raw […]

Smaller Food Pieces Equal a Smaller Waistline

A new study, announced yesterday at the meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior in Zurich, Switzerland, has uncovered findings that cutting your food into tiny pieces will improve satiety and reduce overall consumption in subsequent meals. Although this seems like a new concept, scientists have long-known that fooling the eye can […]

7 Habits that Zap Energy

Despite routine sleep, a healthy diet and reasonably active lifestyle, you feel rundown and completely zapped of energy. When this happens, it can be challenging to figure out the source of your distress. Before you worry that your fatigue could be an indication of a bigger problem, examine your daily routine – some common habits […]