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is coconut water healthy

The Facts about Coconut Water

Does coconut water give you the nutrients you need to optimize performance? In a word (or two), it depends. One cup of pure coconut water is only about 46 calories and offers approximately 600 milligrams of potassium. Potassium is a nutrient  essential for muscle-contraction and relaxation. The key is finding the right coconut water. There […]

top beauty myths

Beauty Myths Debunked

In this month’s issue, In Style magazine debunked top beauty myths. Check out these favorites: SPF 60 is twice as effective as SPF 30. Not quite. You only get about 2 percent more protection from the sun when you switch from 30 to 60 and research shows people who slather on a higher SPF, often believe […]

7 Habits that Zap Energy

Despite routine sleep, a healthy diet and reasonably active lifestyle, you feel rundown and completely zapped of energy. When this happens, it can be challenging to figure out the source of your distress. Before you worry that your fatigue could be an indication of a bigger problem, examine your daily routine – some common habits […]

5 Tips to Stay Hydrated for a Run

In the heat of the summer, long runs can be brutal – especially in states where temperatures reach triple digits shortly after the sun peeks over the horizon. Hydration is vital to the performance and health of any athlete – regardless of fitness or pace – you can’t give it your all when you are […]

Healthy Tips for a Happy 4th of July

The Fourth of July is a holiday when friends and family gather to celebrate the independence of this great nation and indulge in sunshine, savory eats, refreshing cocktails, Cool-Whip topped desserts and, of course, a finale of fireworks. Such a combination of fun should come with a few rules to live by.  Consider these tips […]