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Preparing for the Super Bowl

As I prepare for a Super Bowl party with some of my dearest friends, this WSJ article was brought to my attention. For the friends I am sharing this Super Bowl Sunday with, I found these to be the funniest and/or appropriate: 1. A Super Bowl Party is just a bunch of smart-alecks making pithy wisecracks […]

Reduce Sugar Intake in Your Diet: 10 Foods to Eliminate

Remember all the hype about sugar being toxic? Well, if that left you in fervor of what to do about your diet, you are not alone. Below are 10 foods to watch out for – they have hidden sources of sugar. You may be surprised by what you find on the list, most are commonly […]

‘Comfort food’ not so Comforting: Study finds Depression and Junk Food Linked

A new study reveals that consumption of junk food is linked to an increased risk of depression.  In the study, published in the March 2012 issue of Public Health Nutrition, Spanish researchers uncovered evidence that consumption of foods such as, doughnuts, croissants, cakes, hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza are linked to depression. According to the […]