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Sleep Patterns: Early Birds & Night Owls

For many women, the role of “sleeping beauty” is one rarely played. In June 2011, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine published their 2011 research summary, offering many explanations as to why this fairytale is lost among the female population. In one study, researchers discovered that women often have a shorter circadian rhythm than men […]

Banishing sugar: Are alternative sweeteners a safe replacement?

With all the fervor over sugar – is it toxic? Should sugary sodas be banned? Many more people are turning to alternative sweeteners to pacify their cravings, but this switch is not without worry. Pink, blue, yellow and, now, green – regardless of which packet you pluck from the ceramic box on every restaurant table […]

Jogging Increases Lifespan

If you follow the work of NY Times Science writer, Gina Kolata, you may be familiar with her book, Ultimate Fitness: The Quest for Truth about Health and Exercise. In this book, she describes the evolution of exercise and the beginning of the most popular cardiovascular workout on the planet – running. In the early […]

Of Mice and Men: A Link to the Cure for Baldness

The holy grail of discoveries may have been uncovered – the cure for male pattern baldness. It has not become a product or service yet, but someone, in the very near future, stands to make quite a fortune thanks to the magic of science and medicine. Last week, Translational Medicine published a report that blocking […]

Slow Down the Aging Process Naturally

Lifestyle factors, environmental factors and genetics all play a role in how women age – inside and out. Many individuals believe that they have little control over the aging process, but this simply is not the case – changing certain lifestyle factors can reduce the signs and effects of aging. For example, a 2010 study […]