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Strength Exercises to Improve your Run

If you don’t think that you need strength training to improve your performance – think again. Strength training can improve so many aspects of your run, including the efficiency in which your body uses oxygen and injury prevention. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research examined the effects of […]

Strength Training Key to Preventing Cognitive Decline

Pumping iron isn’t just about sculpting a beautiful, lean physique anymore. Several small studies completed this year and presented at the 2012 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference found that resistance training offers significant benefits linked to the prevention of cognitive decline. The studies were comprised of 150 individuals or less, but each unveiled strong evidence that […]

Fitness: Real Results in Less Time

If there is one thing that most Americans have in common, it is a lack of time. Commuting, working, kids, chores, homework, cooking, sleeping – it is amazing what you are able to squeeze into a 24-hour period. But when time is at a premium, the first thing trimmed from your schedule is, all too […]