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Your Odds of Weight Gain

With 60 percent of the United States overweight or obese and the numbers rising everyday, you may have asked yourself, “What’s my risk of weight gain?” A 2011 report says certain factors of life play a role – outside of the traditional eating right and exercising habits. Lower your risk of weight gain by identifying […]

Lack of Physical Activity Determined Deadly

A series of reports published in the journal, The Lancet, revealed that globally, lack of exercise is responsible for 1 in 10 premature deaths – a number very close to the number one cause of premature death – smoking. In recent months, obesity has surpassed smoking as the number one healthcare cost in the nation, […]

Lifelong Health: Get Your Groove On

A healthy lifestyle and successful weight management may require you to find your “groove.”  Your body appreciates routine when it comes to managing your metabolism, but your muscles, mouth and mind like to keep things interesting. Some rules for finding your groove: Diet. When it comes to planning your diet, choose a variety of foods […]

Preventive Health: Avoiding the Top 3 Causes of Premature Death

According to a 2009 study published in the journal, PloS Medicine, and led by Harvard School of Public Health, the top three causes of premature death in the United States (in order) are smoking, high blood pressure and excess weight. When new statistics are published (generally every 5 to 10 years), it may be discovered that […]

Graphic Anti-Smoking Campaign by CDC to Launch Nationwide

If there is one good thing you can do for your lifelong health – it is quitting smoking. And now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are backing that premise with a nationwide advertising campaign highlighting the horrific effects of smoking. The initial campaigns and individual efforts by state governments to reduce smoking […]